I`m alive

Hello everyone!

I`m so terribly sorry for not being so active these past days! The truth is i`m not in Sweden anymore, I`m actually in Macedonia. I know right, so exotic. Here the internet connection isn`t the best and I`m doing my very best to post as much as I can.

So here I am, giving you an update about how things are. Although I haven`t posted I have read books! So I haven`t been completely MIA. I have tons and tons of reviews just waiting to be posted! On top of that I have alot of book tags that I`ve done which I think is very fun. Not to mention the book hauls and what not.

Once again, I`m so sorry, and I hope you guys don`t hate me but actually understand what goes on.

Macedonia is lovely by the way. It looks like something taken from a book. I`m telling you people, it`s magical.

I will be posting more, don`t worry, I`ve found a computer with internet (YEEY) so I can do my blogging everyday 🙂

Until later – DFTBA and byee.


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