Blog design

Okay so I’ve been blogging for quite a long time now and every time I log into my blog there’s something bothering me.. And that’s my design/ background/header.
I blog here at wordpress and I use one of the free ones they have but let’s be honest.. There’s nothing unique about that.

So my question is, is there a kind soul out there who knows how to do these things for free? I could give your blog/instagram/ twitter or whatever you want a shoutout on ALL my social media platforms (including my blog).
But unfortunately I’m a student which means I’m poor so I can’t pay for that so it needs to be for free :/

Or if you know someone who does these kind of things PLEASE comment the link so I can contact that person.

Pleaseee help me. It’s christmas, if you help me maybe santa will come to you with gifts 😉


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