Sorry :(

I am the most horrible person on this planet. I’m not even joking. I keep telling you guys I will become better with blogging but every time I say that, it takes me 2 or three months until I blog again. This time I have a good reason though. A few days I had surgery which means I will be staying at home and not move for 3 weeks. It’s horrible, I know (especially since it’s practically summer) but there is a silver lining here. Now I can stay at home and read 😀

I’m also in school right now and like I’ve said before in the math/science program which is pretty hard. Constantly being pressured to have good grades (not even Bs are good enough) has made me very tired. And because of that I’ve been in a reading slump 😦 I will be starting Throne of glass by Sarah J. Maas today *cheers* Hopefully I will be having a review up tomorrow, but we shall se haha 😉


4 thoughts on “Sorry :(

  1. I’ve been having so much trouble keeping up with my blog as well. Just hang in there and take as much time as you need! I really liked Throne of Glass (it’s one of my reading slump busters too!) and I hope you do as well!

    Laura @BlueEyeBooks

  2. Don’t make this seem like a job. You will blog when you don’t and when you don’t, you don’t. Life happens. For many people, once you start obsessing over about “needing” to post, it just creates more stress for you and may take the fun out of it. Hope you get better soon! Happy Readings!

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