Review Policy

Thank you so much for selecting A book universe as a blog that you would like to review your book

For a review of your books, ebooks, short stories, etc. you can contact me at . I will review any genre of fiction book and occasionally non-fiction but the genres I most commonly read are: young adult, realistic fiction, dystopian fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy/paranormal romance, and science fiction. My taste is widely varied and I’m always happy to discover new and exciting books in genres that we don’t usually read.

Please note that although I do prefer receiving physical copies, I will also accept books/ARCs in e-book format. That means ARC’s, finished copies, and e-books are accepted. I’ll post my review on Goodreads and on the A BOOK UNIVERSE blog. I will send you the link when the review is posted.

All books will be reviewed in a timely manner but the time taken to read and review will depend how many books I currently have on my reading list. If you would like your book review by a certain date, please tell me  when you send in your request and I will do my very best to meet your deadline. All books I receive will get a review even if I have to force myself to finish them. Reviews for ARC’s will be put up when I have completed them unless you state otherwise.

Expect an honest review. My site is not primarily a book promotion site, I’ll write reviews for the readers to help them decide whether or not a book is for them. If I hate a book, if I struggle to finish it, the review will say so and the rating will reflect this.

Due to the amount of review request I’ve been getting, it is impossible for me to respond to every request. If you have sent a request and have not received a response within two weeks, then I probably am unable to review your novel. Feel free to send it again after this time if you feel I have not received your request. Thank you once again for considering me to review your book!

***If I have accepted to review your book, please do not email me about when I’ll have a review up until 2 months after the time frame I gave you. Sometimes I have to move things around to fit my schedule so please be patient 🙂 ***

If you have read everything and agreed feel free to contact me and I will be in touch.


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